Sep 24, 2009

THE GEORGE-EDWARDS GROUP - 38 : 38 (DETROIT/MICHIGAN 1977) Jap/Korean mastering cardboard sleeve + 4 bonus

Originally recorded between 1977 and 1978 this private press LP by Raymond M. George and Edward S. Balian (hence the George-Edwards Group moniker) is renowned as an uber-rare example of homemade Midwestern psychedelia. Having pressed up 100 copies as a promotional exercise the duo found themselves giving up, with no labels or publishers willing to get in on the act. All these decades later and collectors are exchanging copies for $400 a time. This is bizarre and labyrinthine tome, taking in highlights such as the proggy synth-rock experiment 'Planets And Stars', ambient piano and chime piece 'Easternia' and 'Wintertime', an acoustic number that weighs in with esoteric Moog and Arp contributions. Far more ambitious and dynamic than most long-lost private press, 38:38 is a compelling excavation.
'38:38' by The George-Edwards Group's is one of the rarest private press albums of all time. '38:38' departs from the norm of the genre: instead of a low-fi demo quality outing elevated mainly by dealer hype, this album is a haunting piece of music that offers an unusually highbrow take on the archetypal Midwestern rock 'n' roll existentialism usually addressed with a solid beat and sneering vocal. Crafting their sound out of the many influences of the day, Edward Balian and Ray George created pop music with acoustic guitars and harmonies, heavily reverberant piano riffs, cold sheets of synthesizer, bells and chimes. - First-time ever on CD format - Paper sleeve/Gatefold - 24-bit re-mastering(2009) + 4 bonus tracks - Limited edition.


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Thank You.

Weekend Hippie said...

Never heard of this lp, what a surprise.

Many thanks for your fine blog, and all your hard work!

Mario said...

Thank you for this record.

DetroitEddie said...

Thanks, Fans---we love you! This LP (in CD form) and our latest album "41:57" are both still available at our website

We're looking forward to a great 2010 as we continue to remaster our vintage material AND continue to record to this day. We are a 40-year plus band, still with the original two-member personnel (Ray George & Edward Balian). ROCK ON!!!! ==Ed

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THANKS for the album. Can anybody tell me where can I find the

onwingsdream.blogspot ?


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Thanks so much ! Great lp .
Hope you are well- have not seen any thing in a while. Peace in 2013!