Mar 22, 2010

THE SONS - THE SONS (CAPITOL 1969) Jap mastering cardboard sleeve [monophonic]

The Sons of Champlin's sprawling, double-LP debut album, Loosen Up Naturally, had its launch marred by the discovery of an obscenity in the cover art that resulted in a mass recall and ruined its commercial chances. They were also beset by internal strife, and when the time came to release their second album only six months later, they chose to de-emphasize the primacy of lead singer and main songwriter Bill Champlin by shortening their name to "the Sons" and also giving that name to the record. But their music remained essentially the same, a mixture of Champlin's thoughtful lyrics and gritty singing with Terry Haggerty's inventive lead guitar work and the two-man horn section of Tim Caine and Geoffrey Palmer. As usual, there was almost too much going on in the arrangements, which gave the songs touches of folk, rock, jazz, and psychedelia, often in the same song, as a couple of the tunes extended beyond ten minutes in length, changing tempo and feel in mid-flight. Clearly, this was a band that was accustomed to using its songs as frameworks for free playing in concert, but the bandmembers still hadn't quite figured out how that worked in the studio, and their arguments about musical direction could be heard in the music itself. Champlin remained the strongest presence in the band, but his songs (all of which were credited to the Sons communally) took a backseat to the group that was playing them any way it wanted to. The results could be exhilarating, if in a somewhat anarchic way...[allmusic]


Anonymous said...

Great great album, many thanks for the post


Anonymous said...

Alan Brackett said on the The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Msg Board: "We have finished mixing the 4 new recordings by the PBC. Two of the songs were written and performed by us back in the sixties but never recorded. (...) It's a new world compared to how things worked back then and we need to figure out what the best way is to get these out so our fans can hear them. Any ideas you may have on this we would love to hear."

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david said...

this is a great blog! but i like to whine about "The Sons" i saw them at Fillmore West and while the band was out front there was another guy behind stage on a synth making 75% of the music the boys were supposedly playing up front. yes it sounded decent but i'll always think of them as the Sons of Sham plin.

keep it up and thanks

The Bomber said...

quoting VIV S.


miles said...

a wonderful share. the sons should have seen more success in their time, but circumstances conspired against them. this debut however was a clarion call. thanks.