Feb 26, 2012

SWEET MAYA - SWEET MAYA (PP 1977) Korean mastering cardboard sleeve

The story of Sweet Maya is one that spans 40 years and involves a set of relationships that have remained strong despite time and distance.
The first chapter started in 1968 when Gail met John. As she recalls it “I met John prior to graduation and my most favorite memories involve a trip to a nightclub to hear a hot band, John being invited on stage to jam, and his horn turning the crowd upside down!”
It was after Gail and John came to Kalamazoo that the third piece of the Sweet Maya puzzle moved into place. As Gail describes it “I met Janice Lakers in a music theory class, we were the top two students. We got together one evening to sing and that's all it took. In short time we formed a folk duo, both of us playing guitars and Janice doubling on flute and percussion. John was always on the sidelines of our duo, helping us with arrangements, and sitting in with us when he could.” It was with the formation of this trio that the core of Sweet Maya was formed and plans for expansion were laid. Tom Davis, a drummer John worked with in a previous group quickly followed by guitarist/bassist Tom Hill.
Thus Sweet Maya was born.
Where there had only been two now there were five but the sound of the band continued to be a work in progress. Feeling the need for a dedicated bassist and a more driving sound, the core Mayans sent out a call to audition bass players from around the area. Many tried out and all had their advantages yet in the end one player stood out among the rest, securing a sought after place in a successful local band. The one selected was Mark Bowen completing the six member, multi-instrumentalist band.
Maya strived towards continuous improvement and as the rhythm section continued to strengthen the inherent weakness became the lack of a solid guitar soloist. Tom Hill, who had several creative differences with the core group, left the band as Sweet Maya ushered in the last piece of the puzzle, Rob Hayes. This formed the band that most remember as Sweet Maya and its performances drew huge audiences earning it a reputation as one of the foremost musical groups in the mid-western United States.[htpp://www.sweetmayamusic.com/]
An obscure bit of mellow soul and vocals from this lost 70s Michigan combo! The group have a sound that's almost a 70s take on the groove of Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 – one that uses dual vocals to expand the front end of many of the tunes, plus some lightly dancing electric rhythms that really step out with some great fusiony touches on the best numbers. There's a great groovy soul and soft rock vibe to it – and titles include "Surround Me", "Gotta Find Out", "Papa Taco", "People Suite", "Good Day", and "The Earth Has. [Dusty Groove America]
The music of Sweet Maya (originally formed in 1972 in Kalamazoo, MI) is an extension of each member. As individuals they bring together diverse backgrounds; as a group they blend it all into a sound that is exciting and full of warmth. This six-piece group of multi-talented instrumentalists has five lead singers, four songwriters and four arrangers. The music that grows from the contact of such persons is evidenced in this album. It is Sweet Maya (the illusion) that flows through and shapes the many idioms of their music. It is Rob Hayes, Tom Davis, Janice Lakers, Gail Baker, John Chamberlin and Mark Bowen who convey the experience. Listed in the Japanese book Rare Groove A To Z on Rittor Music and recommended for funk/soul/soft rock fans. Perfect music for putting on a pair of rainbow-colored overalls and hanging out in a field, zoning out or blissfully grooving.
It is really a very good album .... don't miss it!


Greg said...

I can't believe you have this!!!! I used to see them @ wayslde and the back door in kalamazoo! I bought the lp @ one of theor shows. What a great but obscure memory.
Greg. Kalamazoo

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nick said...

Thanks for this -- that cover isn't one that you forget, but this is really nice to actually hear at last. Sounds lovely!

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Sergej said...

What a beautiful discovery.
Amazing blog.
Thank you.

Allerweltsteufelchen said...

Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!
Πολύ ωραία μουσική!
Χαιρετίσματα από το Μόναχο!
(Μισό Γερμανός μισή Έλληνας :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi man. Thanks for your fantstic blog. Do you have MASON - Starting as we mean to go on" lp?
It'a fantastic british group of 1973..

Thank you

Anonymous said...

do you know/have these records, Hiromasa Suzuki - Rock Joint Biwa/Rock Joint Cither?


Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

small town but big pleasure ♥♥♥♥

bill said...

could you reupload this album? sounds great in youutube!, thanks!

Anonymous said...

please please please re-up this lp. I love it here, don't want to go home :)