Sep 24, 2009

SANDSTONE - CAN YOU MEND A SILVER THREAD? (EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA 1971) Jap/Korean mastering cardboard sleeve + 2 bonus

Little-known private folk psych trip that's head and shoulders above almost every other US folk psych record. It's hard to believe it's not from the UK, as it's instrumentation and compositional style remind you of Mellow Candle, Pentangle, Midwinter, etc. Recorded in 1971 at a local studio that must have been quite high end, because the production quality is astounding. Lyrically poetic, haunting primarily female vocals, and with entirely original compositions, this is every inch a mindblowing US private press and creates a dreamy, wistful mood typical of the style. From the cover to the instrumentation to the deeply strange and lovely lyrics, this may be my all-time fave US folk psych private. Maybe the truest US folk psych you've yet found. -Limited Edition -Paper Sleeve -2008 Original re-master(24-bit) -Photo and liner notes -2 bonus tracks -First on CD.

THE GEORGE-EDWARDS GROUP - 38 : 38 (DETROIT/MICHIGAN 1977) Jap/Korean mastering cardboard sleeve + 4 bonus

Originally recorded between 1977 and 1978 this private press LP by Raymond M. George and Edward S. Balian (hence the George-Edwards Group moniker) is renowned as an uber-rare example of homemade Midwestern psychedelia. Having pressed up 100 copies as a promotional exercise the duo found themselves giving up, with no labels or publishers willing to get in on the act. All these decades later and collectors are exchanging copies for $400 a time. This is bizarre and labyrinthine tome, taking in highlights such as the proggy synth-rock experiment 'Planets And Stars', ambient piano and chime piece 'Easternia' and 'Wintertime', an acoustic number that weighs in with esoteric Moog and Arp contributions. Far more ambitious and dynamic than most long-lost private press, 38:38 is a compelling excavation.
'38:38' by The George-Edwards Group's is one of the rarest private press albums of all time. '38:38' departs from the norm of the genre: instead of a low-fi demo quality outing elevated mainly by dealer hype, this album is a haunting piece of music that offers an unusually highbrow take on the archetypal Midwestern rock 'n' roll existentialism usually addressed with a solid beat and sneering vocal. Crafting their sound out of the many influences of the day, Edward Balian and Ray George created pop music with acoustic guitars and harmonies, heavily reverberant piano riffs, cold sheets of synthesizer, bells and chimes. - First-time ever on CD format - Paper sleeve/Gatefold - 24-bit re-mastering(2009) + 4 bonus tracks - Limited edition.

Sep 13, 2009


Profile: Dutch beat group, established 1965 in Amsterdam. Members included: Hans de Hont, Alewijn Dekker, Jaap de Groot, Ador Otting and Jan de Hont.
I could not find more infos about this group but one thing I can say for sure! They are far better from other groups of the era even better than some big British or US ones!
The thing that really impressed me is their sound which is not exactly "classic beat" of the era but also has some psych elements & it's also haunting in parts!!!!
My vinyl copy is not exactly "brand new"...but it's difficult or impossible to locate a better copy.
It seems no one knows the existence of this LP & in their short bio only a 1972 greatest hits compilation is mentioned which has nothing to do with their sound here & also some early 45s.
If someone knows something more about them it would be nice to leave a line here.
A mega rarity...don't miss it!
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do...

Sep 9, 2009


First with his band The Bunnys and later with The Blue Jeans, guitarist Takeshi Terry Terauchi covered many popular genres, from garage, fratrock and surf guitar instrumentals, through sentimental ballads, via his own inimitable take on the popular classics. Born in January 1939, in the small town of Tsuchiura, in the rural prefecture of Ibaraki, north of Tokyo, Terauchi started his career in the 1950s, playing rhythm guitar in the Country & Western group Jimmy Tokita & The Mountain Playboys, but swapped to the hip new eleki style in 1962, with the formation of The Bluejeans. With Terauchi now playing a Ventures-style Mosrite guitar, the band's 1964 LP KOREZO SURFING (This Is Surfing) was a huge hit, enabling Terauchi and his wild whammy-bar stylings to support both The Ventures and The Astronauts on their Japanese tours. However, the coming of The British Invasion saw Teraucki jump ship to the vocal sounds, and he formed The Bunnys in early 1966. His self-referential songs included the December single Terry's Theme and the LP LET?S GO TERRY, which featured wild performances including their legendary mind death riffothon Test Driver. Then came Terauchi's commercial masterstroke, an eleki version of traditional Japanese songs for the LP SEICHO TERA UCHI BUSHI, which included the hit single Kanjincho/Genroku Hanami Odiri". Sales came in from people young and old alike, and over 100, 000 copies sold made the LP the all-time best-selling Group Sounds album...[net] Here

TAKESHI TERAUCHI & THE BUNNYS - LET'S GO TERRY! (KING 1966) Jap mastering cardboard sleeve + 3 bonus

Terauchi Takeshi was one of Japan's premier guitarists, first making waves with his surfband the Bluejeans, before updating his sound to a more Ventures-like psychedelic go-go sound under as the Bunnys.
Takeshi "Terry"Terauchi started out as a sideman in Jimmy Tokita & the Mountain Playboys, a Country & Western band. In 1962, he formed his first Eleki band (it means instrumental band with electiric guitar), the Bluejeans, (Their June 1964 album, "Korezo Surfing" ["This is Surfing"], was Japan's first surf music album.)
They became the most famous surf instrumental band in Japan. They opened for the Ventures and Astronauts. Terauchi's style is very Ventures-influenced, but much faster and more frantic, with a heavy picking style and liberal use of his Mosrite's whammy bar.
In '66 Terauchi quite the band and formed a new vocal and instrumental group, the Bunnys. In Dec. '66 they released their first single "Terry's Theme", an instrumental number which was played as the opening number in the gig with a simple riff, the flip side was the legendary garage instrumental "Test Driver" (appeared on Monster A Go Go). At the same time they released "Let's Go Terry" .On this album we can listen instrumental songs with his frantic wildest guitar and wild vocal songs.