Jan 11, 2010

BLOOMFIELD/HAMMOND/DR. JOHN - TRIUMVIRATE (COLUMBIA 1973) Jap mastering cardboard sleeve + 2 bonus

These guys may or may not have gotten together in a cynical attempt to create a roots music supergroup, but their sole album is in fact a lot better than its lack of commercial success might suggest. Each member has a signature specialty--Hammond's in country blues, Bloomfield's at the more modern Chicago variety, with Dr. John the epitome of New Orleans second-line R&B piano--and the material is split accordingly. Hammond, however, is the designated frontman and he's up to the task, although Dr. John's evocatively gruff vocals are missed. Among the highpoints are a sensitive reading of the blues classic "It Hurts Me Too," with terrific horn charts and strong soloing by Bloomfield, and a spooky version of John Lee Hooker's "Groundhog Blues," which has the distinction of being the one song here where all three styles are convincingly meshed.[net]


Anonymous said...

thanxalot! bloomfield is always welcome! best wishes, ubique



the alf said...

reminds me of Willie Dixons "I am the Blues"in that both records are really laid back and could stand a little more fire