Jan 7, 2010


I recently received an e-mail from Mr. John Compton member of the great late sixties "APPALOOSA" band, for the promotion of his music -- "Appaloosa" & his personal "To Luna 1972" album -- here in my blog. (see archives)
There are some great news from this legendary band but I guess it's better to read the e-mail below:
Hello Georgie!
I am writing to thank you for creating a post for my 'To Luna' LP
on your Small Town Pleasures Blog.
My band Appaloosa has reformed and is presently recording our follow-up record.

I have suggested to Raven Records (Australia) that they consider reissuing our Compton & Batteau 'In California'
LP. (Collector's Choice Music recently passed on the reissue suggestion)
Feel free to ask some people to send emails to Raven Records saying "Please reissue Compton & Batteau"
Here are the names and emails to people at Raven Records:


In closing, please find below rough mixes of two tracks form Appaloosa's forthcoming yet untitled CD:
Bill Elliott who played keyboards on 'Compton & Batteau' and 'To Luna' will be adding his amazing piano parts.
Daivd Reiser will also be adding his great bass playing.
December Rain MP3
I Forgot To Ask Your Name MP3

Thanks again for helping to promote our music.
Keep up the good work!

John Parker Compton aka Appaloosa
Vermont (USA)



Edson d'Aquino said...

So funny Mr. Compton's thanking for promoting 'Appaloosa'. In 07.14.08 i've posted this great album with a nice review of my own in [http://gravetos-berlotas.blogspot.com/search/label/Appaloosa], but in oct/2009 I received a DMCA notification to exclude the link.
One weight, two measures?
Best regards.

Georgie Hirezola said...

In fact he DIDN'T for the "APPALOOSA" as you may read by yourself,--because it's in print for years in US by Collector's Choice...& every sixties fan knows this album & can easily find it--,
but for his personal "To Luna" which stands alone as a solo effort carrying only HIS name on the cover!
Also I guess you received the notification because probably you 've posted the C.C. US reissue & not the Columbia JP album as I did..

P.S. The main thing for all of us here is to help by pushing "Raven Records" Aus, for a "Compton & Batteau" cd reissue...

Edson d'Aquino said...

Yeah, in fact, George. I can't understand the majors restrictions. Who in new generations will know Appaloosa without blogs promotion? NOBODY!
Best regards

montysmusic said...

great blog please think guys when buying buy NEW... second hand cds/records only benefit the seller not the artiste

AndrewT said...

18 months later, whatever happened re: John's new release?