Dec 10, 2010

INNER DIALOGUE - INNER DIALOGUE (RANWOOD 1969) Jap/Kor mastering cardboard sleeve

A superb sunshine pop album, with some baroque touches. Two women singers and their intertwining vocals weave complex vocal parts around top rate arrangements. This record could give Free Design a run for their money any day.
Yes, it is very good sunshine pop that manages to not cross over the line into…saccharine embarrasment. Never as elaborately conceived and just out and out radical as The Free Design at their best, nor as perfectly realised as the Curt Boettcher produced Eternity’s Children…this, if you are into sunshine pop with that ever so slightly subversive element, is a thoroughly worthwhile purchase and as good if not better than some of the major names in this odd and wonderfully time-locked genre. (RYM Reviews)


ge said...

welcome back & thanks for preserving lovely gems.
Have this already, am
downloading Sidran but saying Hi here

Anonymous said...

hi georgie, now here is what i hope is a nice surprise
its the dutch soloalbum by BJ Ward,made and produced by Q65 and members of the golden earring,long since deleted, here is your own copy with art.a standout out track is Neil Youngs The Loner

Anonymous said...

Hi great record, do you also have a copy of their second record "Friends"?