Nov 26, 2008

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - AUTUMN 66 (FONTANA 1966) Japan papersleeve 24 bit SHM-CD + Bonus

The Spencer Davis Group were were one of the UK's most convincing R&B bands to emerge during this period. They were best known for introducing a prodigious teenager, Steve Winwood, to the world. It was apparent from their first record that Winwood, with his ferocious soul drenched voice, belying his tender sixteen years, would be the focal point of the group.
Davis put the group together in Birmingham in 1963, and they turned professional a year later. From the outset of their recording career they made it plain that albums were as important to them as singles - unusual in those days.
The group's first three singles reached the lower end of the Top Thirty, but it was the release of their debut album "Their First LP" in July 1965 that established them as a major group. Under the guidance of producer, Chris Blackwell the quartet got their first major hit with the blistering "Keep on Running", originally performed by another of Blackwell's acts, the West Indian Jackie Edwards. From then until Winwood's departure every single the SDG released was a huge hit (including "Somebody Help Me", "I'm A Man" and "Gimme Some Loving".
Winwood left the group at the height of their success to form Traffic in '67 and things were never the same again for the SDG.


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

great choice !
besides the bonus tracks
had the vinyl but no bonus for me!

i ll get this one!

thanks man

Georgie Hirezola said...

hi Pablo...
its really a pleasure for me to have you here!
ur blog was always among my favs...
also thnx for adding me...
I'll try to do my best here in this blog.
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