Nov 21, 2008

SUNFOREST-THE SOUND OF (DERAM/NOVA 1969) Japan mastering cardboard sleeve

An amazing album of progressive folk rock put together with a sound that shares some of the sunshine touches of the US scene of the time, but which also comes together with a hipper, deeper sort of approach! The core trio of Sunforest works with instrument that includes harpsichord, Hammond, harmonium, Spanish guitar, and percussion and varying instrum/tion from track to track often includes some added strings, guitars, and woodwinds -- serving to bring the folksy tunes into some great baroque territory. Tracks are short, playful, and almost timeless and titles include "All In Good Time", "Overture To The Sun", "Bonny River", "Old Cluck", "And I Was Blue", "Lovely Day", "Lady Next Door", and "Magician In The Mountain".

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mleeka said...

This disk is even groovier than your description. The limited-issue Japanese pressing is gone but the album will be issued June 2009 on the Lion Productions label, UPC 778578101220. Buy a copy.