Nov 29, 2008

ASTRONAUTS - COMPETITION COUPE ##### (RCA VICTOR 1964) Japan papersleeve 24 bit remastered

Like every great surf combo worth its salt, The Astronauts were fully aware that the drag strip was only a few miles away from the beach! When it came time to cut their 1964 LP, Competition Coupe, the fiery Boulder, Colorado quintet retooled their slippery-when-wet sound to accommodate the supercharged, gas-burning crowd faster than the light blinks green on a Christmas tree drag stack. The blistering lead guitar of Rich Fifield, stacked up against the twin rhythm guitar assault of Bob Demmon and Dennis Lindsey, navigated the asphalt aisle as easily as it had previously straddled those pounding 20-footers on magical sides like 'Little Ford Ragtop,' '650 Scrambler,' and album title tune. A holy grail for surf 'n' drag collectors...

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