Feb 22, 2009

McCULLY WORKSHOP INC. - S/T (TRUTONE 1970) Korean mastering cardboard sleeve

The Psychedelic-Music.com Website describes McCully Workshop's first album like this: "Of all the albums we've heard from South Africa this one is topscore. What a beautiful masterpiece. Pepper-influenced Underground music with great songs, lovely vocals, strong harmonies, great distorted guitarwork."
Since 1965, the McCullagh brothers, Tully (born Terence on 31st May 1953) and Mike (born Michael on 7th April 1947), have become an integral part of the South African pop and rock scene.
In 1965 they started as a folk-rock trio with Richard Hyam and called themselves the Blue Three. Richard had been in a folk duo, Tiny Folk, with his sister Melanie.
After a few personnel- and name-changes, like The Blue Beats and Larfing Stocke, the line-up settled down (for a while) in 1969 and they called themselves the McCully Workshop because they used to rehearse in Mrs McCullagh's garage.
Glenda Wassman later married Richard, and they formed the pop band Pendulum and had a big hit with 'Take My Heart' in 1976. Glenda then went on to major success with the all-girl group, Clout, who had a huge hit with 'Substitute' which went to #2 in the UK in 1978.
'McCully Workshop Inc' was produced by the great South African singer and producer Billy Forrest. The cover photo was taken by Sigurd Olivier and the cat's name was Sirikit.
'McCully Workshop Inc' was released in June 1970 and included the epic and powerful 'Why Can't It Rain' which went to #12 on the Springbok Radio charts in July 1970.
The album shows a variety of styles and influences including The Beatles, Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd...[net]
"Due to missing of the original master tapes, Mr. Mike McCullagh, one of the original members of the band worked on transferring the sound sources from the original vinyl. However, despite the effort to locate the clean vinyl for transferring, this vinyl copy is the only one we could find. Therefore, there are some audible surface noise on this cd. We hope this won't stop you from listening enjoyment."



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Thanks for the McCully Workshop, I have very good memories of this album.
Amazing blog, once again !!!

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Beautiful album. Thanks...

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I really enjoyed this album, first time I have heard it actually. Thanks

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Great music. Thank you!