Feb 25, 2009

UNIQUES - HAPPENING NOW! (PAULA 1967) Vinyl Rip (from me)

In comparison to their 1966 debut LP Uniquely Yours, The Uniques' second album, Happening Now, was a little bit of a disappointment, though not without its assets. The main flaw is that, in common with numerous albums issued by good but not great bands in the mid-'60s, there are too many covers of familiar hit songs. In this disc's case, those include "96 Tears," "Oh Pretty Woman," The Animals' "Don't Bring Me Down" (which does have a remarkably accurate Eric Burdon-like vocal), The Outsiders' "Time Won't Let Me," the Swinging Medallions' "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)," and even Gerry & The Pacemakers' "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying," which wasn't standard garage/frat band fare. This isn't as dull as it seems; The Uniques were a good group with a very fine singer/organist, Joe Stampley, and certainly sound like they would have been a hell of a band to have at your party or club if you couldn't afford bigger names. It's not all that original, however, even if it's a pretty good snapshot of mid-'60s Southern rock that adeptly blended more standard garage rock with soul and swamp pop. It does have a surprisingly nice cover of "And I Love Her" (even if it seems to be faded out prematurely), and a couple decent tracks outside of the hit cover category in the tough single "Run and Hide" and the more melodic "Look to Me," which has a really peculiar clavioline-like keyboard solo. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide


Anonymous said...

Hiya Georgie,
Man you and i have such similar taste in music it is scary!!!


Georgie Hirezola said...

I guess we have a good taste!!!!that's all!!
so don't be scared at all!!!ehehehehe...

Mod Lang (no relation) said...

Man o Man!!!! I am on my lunch break and Ive just landed here
after looking for Barefoot Jerry so thank you for that mate, I've got Watchin' TV if you want it upped for you.This is a fantastic blog you have hidden away here. Your choices are superb great taste in 60's 70's Psych & Rock.
As Big Arnie the Lumpen Log used to mutter "I'll Be Back" Cheers.

Jim From Andros said...

Legendary Sugar Bee is one of my favorites tracks . I first heard it from Canned Heat but Uniques version is unique. I Thank you for your good taste .

Georgie Hirezola said...

thank you guys....
I usually don't rip vinyls (don't have the time & also too much trouble to do it!!!!) but I guess these two Uniques LPs are really ..unique & rare!
hope you enjoyed them!!
May be be some other time in the future I will try to upload the two "Terry Knight & the Pack" Cameo Lps or some stuff of "John Fred & his Playboys"..we'll see..
thnx again all of you!!!