Feb 10, 2009


This second volume from Collectables History of Texas Garage Bands series includes 19 tracks of raw power oddities with a definite psychedelic influence, including seven tracks by Lemon Fog and six from The Nomads. Also included are one-shots by Rebellers, Bo Jest, and David Sanborn. As is the case with many of these obscure comps, the song titles usually tell you what you're in for. In this case, if "Girl From the Wrong Side of Town," "The New Generation," "Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time," and "Lemon Fog" sound like your type of trip, waste no time in getting this. ~ Al Campbell, All Music Guide
"Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time" was the original title of the first vinyl issue on "CICADELIC RECORDS" back in 1983,containing 14 tracks by "Lemon Fog" & the "Nomads".
One of the best "Cicadelic" outputs ever!..(to my opinion)

Track Listings

1. Lemon Fog :: The Lemon Fog
2. Summer [Complete Master] :: David Sanborn
3. Echoes of Time :: The Lemon Fog
4. Day by Day :: The Lemon Fog
5. The Prisoner :: The Lemon Fog
6. Yes I Cry :: The Lemon Fog
7. Girl From the Wrong Side of Town :: The Lemon Fog
8. Summer [Backing Track] :: David Sanborn
9. The New Generation :: The Rebellers
10. Common People :: The Rebellers
11. I Walk Alone :: The Nomads
12. I'll Be There :: The Nomads
13. My Little Red Book :: The Nomads
14. Situations :: The Nomads
15. Mainstream
16. Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time Demos :: The Nomads
17. Situations- Early Rehearsal :: The Nomads
18. Summer [Single Version] :: The Lemon Fog
19. Summer 95'


Pablo"Pochola"Cazorla said...

kickass comp!
really suuuuiittt ! (=sweet)
fine selection Georgie.


Georgie Hirezola said...

the funny thing is that I own the original vinyl (see the label scan) and I can't rip it...
I must do something about that in the near future....

Pablo"Pochola"Cazorla said...

why cant you?
do you have the right things to do it? you dont know how?
its quite different...cd are much more easy in the other hand...sometimes vinyls are rather complicated, more if you need to do some "cleaning" or fixing.

Georgie Hirezola said...

OK..I haven't the right equipment & the hardware to rip & scan the LP covers at the moment...
but I will try it soon....its the only way!!!
You know what happened to someone..."you know who" a couple of days ago!!!

Woody Dream said...

Many thankx for this Texas garage 60s compilation. I love cicadelic label.


L said...

Many thanks for this comp.