Mar 1, 2009

STRING DRIVEN THING - S/T (CONCORD 1968) [Released 1970] jap mastering cardboard sleeve + 14 bonus

Scotland's String Driven Thing composed of Chris Adams and his wife and guitarist John Mannion. While they stayed rather unsuccessful for a long while, with their debut album completely unnoticed on a independent label. By 71, the group had seen Mannion leaving, but he was replaced with violinist Grahame Smith and bassist Colin Wilson. Soon they got signed to the Charisma label and with Shel Talmy producing two excellent albums, encountering a certain kind of success in Continental Europe, but staying close to unknown in the Isles. After health-related problems in a tour founder Chris Adams quit with his wife leaving Grahame Smith reforming the group from scratch for two further albums. Neither of these albums will have the charm or adventure of the two earlier albums, developing a more AOR rock that had no real distinction except for a violin sound and the group folded in the mis-70’s.
An archetypal progressive rock outfit, formed in mid-1968 by husband and wife Chris and Pauline Adams. Although their debut album bears little resemblance to their subsequent work, being full of US West Coast-influenced breezy harmony-pop, only 100 copies were pressed and it's now inevitably rare and sought-after.
In 1972 they expanded the line-up, with Graeme Smith a classically trained violinist from the Scottish National Orchestra, Bill Hatje and Colin Wilson. The same year they signed to Charisma and released an eponymous album which enjoyed considerable critical acclaim. Characterised by Chris Adams' hard bitten lyrics and doomy vocals and Graham Smith's wailing violin playing, their 'sound' had built up a strong following on the club/college circuit. 1972 also saw them on tour in the U.S. with Genesis...[net]


Big Tam said...

Thank you for this rare 1st album Georgie,The Machine That Cried is their most popular and mighty fine it is too.I remember seeing them supporting Thin Lizzy at Glasgow City Halls.Grahame Smith played a Perspex Violin through a bank of Efx pedals and made a hell of a racket,I've never heard this album so looking forward to it this Lazy Sunday.

Georgie Hirezola said...

oh..there's no comparison to their later "Charisma" albums & this one...
this is a much more US influenced pop LP..& definitely not a top one!!heh..heh..
but it has some fine moments,it's also quite rare ...& that's all!

Anonymous said...

Many thankx for this with bonus. A great.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
So pleased to be able to hear this, having looked for it and then gave up years ago.
The Scottish Folk scene have thrown up so many wonderful characters over the years, too many too mention, so thanks again.
Cy from Pck.

Anonymous said...

Some pretty fine music you provided with this one !
And... keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

any chance for a reup?