Mar 3, 2009

EUPHORIA - EUPHORIA (HERITAGE 1969) Korean mastering cardboard sleeve

The band EUPHORIA was short-lived (1968 to 1969), consisting of 4 members, Roger Penney and Wendy Penney, Tom Pacheco, and Sharon Alexander.
Roger and Wendy were a folk duo performing in Greenwich Village, using the names Roger Becket and Wendy Becket.
EUPHORIA is generally regarded as a Sunshine pop group.
Initially, Roger and Wendy were approached by Tom and Sharon to form a band with the express purpose of procuring a recording deal. Roger and Wendy were to front the band as lead vocalists in the Folk Rock group, with Roger Penney on electric autoharp and keyboard, Wendy on bass guitar, Tom on guitar, and Sharon on percussion. They signed with Jerry Ross's Heritage Records, which was affiliated with MGM as distributor and promoter, and recorded one album entitled "Euphoria (Sunshine Pop a la The Mamas And Papas or Spanky And Our Gang). Arranged by Joe Renzettii it was released in 1969, but without promotional support. A single was released of "You Must Forget", with Roger singing lead. Another single, of "Calm Down" was also released on Polydor Records. The album and the group's live performances were subjects of printed articles in Record World magazine,Go magazine,Cashbox magazine, and Variety. Euphoria performed with such notables as Van Morrison, and the 1910 Fruitgum Company at Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum as well as with Sly and the Family Stone and Iron Butterfly. They appeared on the Bozo The Clown television show at WWOR-TV from New York City, and were slated for a performance on the Johnny Carson Show but disbanded before appearing. Roger and Wendy went on to form Bermuda Triangle Band...[net]


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I think this is the Beatball reissue from 2007(?), yes? Cool, I remember reading about this reissue at the time.

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Ja!,I've been searching for a long time for this record. Many thankx for this.

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yeap!I guess the only official reissue is this one...
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