Jul 1, 2010

THE INNOCENCE - THE INNOCENCE (KAMA SUTRA 1967) JVC K2 mastering cardboard sleeve + 3 bonus


In 1966 Peter Andreoli (aka Peter Anders) and Vincent Poncia, Jr. members of the Tradewinds changed their name to The Innocence, recorded a full-length eponymous album, and had two further hit singles, “There’s Got to Be a Word!” (U.S. #34, 1966) and “Mairzy Doats” (U.S. #75, 1967). Following the LP release the duo released another album under the name Anders & Poncia on Warner Bros. Records in 1969, and shortly after broke up. (Wiki)

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frumious bandersnatch said...

Great ! some early works by the Anders & Poncia songwriting team ! A must have, just like the Tradewinds album.

Thanks a lot !!!