Jul 2, 2010

JUST OTHERS - AMALGAM (PRIVATE PRESSING 1974) Kor mastering cardboard sleeve

Amalgam was recorded, making the utmost of the most basic equipment in the spring and summer of 1974. Just 250 copies were pressed, and the record was sold only at gigs. What kind of album did Just Others make? For sure, there are songs on Amalgam that manage to convey a variety of human feelings. And there is an all-pervading feeling, part optimism, part melancholy, that makes this a uniquely interesting addition to any serious collection of acoustic music of the period. The cross-fertilization between their separate enthusiasms and previous musical experience goes a long way toward explaining the uniquely distinctive blend to be heard on Amalgam. Highly recommended for fans of British folk rock including Tir Na Nog and John Renbourn.
This is a rare UK private press folk LP from 1974, only 250 made, and the record was sold only at gigs. Just Others was an English band, consisting of Geoff Twigg and Brian Rodgers. Their music is a nice blend of pop and folk with incredible lyrics, amazing voices and fine guitar work.


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