Jul 5, 2010

JONATHON ROUND - JONATHON ROUND (WESTBOUND 1971) Kor mastering cardboard sleeve

Overbaked cackling. Sound effects of hellish winds and thunder. Lyrics recited like a mad actor more than sung like a rock star. Wow, what a great version of "Sympathy for the Devil!"
The "Devil" was the only song that interested critics when Jonathan Round's album arrived. That is, if anybody reviewed it at all. A few also commented on Round's album actually being die-cut in a round shape, which was quite an uncommon trick. Even so, the years passed, the album disappeared, and so did the artist.
The Rolling Stones cover version is the best thing on the album, although the rest isn't bad journeyman rock. On a gospel shout like "Don't it Make You Wanna Go Home" he aims for a male Janis Joplin (modern listeners might say this ground Round sounds like Meatloaf.) The throaty soul affectations dominate the rock tunes, but on a softer folkie piece, like "Tolu" (all about "saving karma," man) he sounds like he could've been a slightly hoarse warm-up act for Gordon Lightfoot or Cat Stevens. [http://illfolks.blogspot.com/]


Woodworker said...

Thanks for reminding me I have this record (all my albums have been packed away for years). I bought it for SFTD, but stayed for the rest.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful album!
Thank you!
Any chance you have SST-Soft Soul Transition korean remaster?


Weekend Hippie said...

Jonathan was from Detroit and was a folkie.

I saw him a few times perform solo, he was a robust man with a strong set of lungs. His only lp had a round picture sleeve, and sold poorly (even in Detroit).

Many thanks!

Signtopia said...

Simply the BEST version of Sympathy For The Devil......ever. I have cherished this album for many many years now. While some people mention Meat Loaf.......I prefer to say that Jack Black is more comparable. Tenacious D sort of stuff. I would love to hear Jack Black do this version.

BlueMadcap said...

Went into this with fairly low expectaions and came out absolutely proven wrong. Really enjoyable.

Rich AfterSabbath said...

Thanks for the download, souns good.

geo p said...

OMG - Jonathan Round. If there was one single song & artist i've been wondering about the past 40 years it's this. Detroit played the Hell (no pun) out of SFTD and thought it was the very best version ever. Thank you for posting this and RIP Jonathan. You're in a better place.

Scott Johnson said...

I saw Jonathon perform at Northwestern Michigan Collage in 1972. Absolutely the most dynamic live musician I've ever seen. The Spenser Davis Group followed him on stage and complained to the audience about having to follow someone that captivating. After all these years I still listen to his one and only album. "Travlin' Mama Blues" is one of my all time favorites.
I was saddened to hear that he had passed.

Sanjul said...

Thank you for sharing, fantastic album!