Jul 21, 2010

RUPERT HINE - UNFINISHED PICTURE (PURPLE 1973) Jap mastering cardboard sleeve + 1 bonus

... By 1975, Rupert Hine was already beginning to gain credibility as a producer and session musician, but he had also released two of that era's most cryptic solo albums in Pick Up a Bone and Unfinished Picture. The latter in particular demonstrated that Hine had few peers when it came to shaping elaborate instrumental textures and atmospheres without departing from a song-based format. Most listeners' overriding feeling on hearing them, however, was one of perplexity, and sales were correspondingly minuscule. But throughout his career, Hine has shown himself perfectly willing to rein in his more experimental tendencies for the sake of shifting a few more units...[allmusic]

These are two of my favorite albums on this label ...The more you listen the more you love these LPs ... Whatever genre you can imagine... (prog,pop,psych,folk,singer-songwriter) is here!...listen carefully...
The tribute to "Purple Records" will continue next week possibly with two other rare & also beautiful albums (Buddy Bohn & Curtis Maldoon)
I guess the most of you, know my musical criteria very well so you don't expect me to end this tribute by posting albums like the "Silverhead" or the "Hardstuff" ..OMG!!!...lol!!!


frumious bandersnatch said...

I have a so-so memory of a record by him in the 80s but this era was really doomed by synths, drumboxes etc...
So I'm curious to hear his 70s output,and in such a glorious form : these Japanese reissues are great.

Thanks a lot for everything !!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for both hine albums - steve.

Anonymous said...

Either the individual who ripped this, or the label scrwed up on several trks. Doubtfully Grey-Don't be alarmed isn't cued right (big burp between trks that should flow seamlessly)besides having several glitches, like a skip(s)
On PUAB -Ass All- same a big glitch 1/3 of the way.
Anyhow @256 the sound is superb!