Jan 10, 2009

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH - C.J.FISH (VANGUARD 1970) Master edition

Country Joe & The Fish's first two albums "Electric Music For The Mind And Body" & "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die" are packed full of numbers such as "Section 43", "Magoo", "Janis", "Thursday", "Pat's Song", "Bass Strings", "Grace" and "Colors For Susan" that capture the swirling, ethereal essence of Bay area psychedelia. Their third album "Together" failed to deliver any more, with only "Susan" coming near to recreating the "feel" of these early tracks.
By the time of CJ Fish (released in 1970) most of the band had gone, but Country Joe McDonald and lead guitarist Barry Melton manage to rekindle their original, quite unique sound on "She's A Bird", "Mara" and the superb "Return Of Sweet Lorraine" (psychedelia at its best) - intermingled with some enjoyable rock & roll and folk numbers, in particular, "Sing, Sing, Sing"
If you're looking to repeat the experience of their psychedelic masterpieces then here's a couple more....[net]
Everyone who love the end of the 60s soul and rock sound should have this album, especially for the Silver and gold, Rock around the world, The love machine trilogy which is a great moment. Amazing drum solo, classic lead guitar chorus and Country Joe Mc Donald in great form. Forget the often very peace-and-love lyrics and enjoy the music!...[net]


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Georgie Hirezola said...

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I give this record a 10 out of 10!!!!
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