Jan 5, 2009


This 1968 British comedy offers a humorous look at one man's desperate attempts at losing his virginity. The film features pop songs by Traffic and The Spencer Davis Group, which were written specifically for the film, rather than the standard orchestral score. This prime slice of psychedelic R&B features the UK Top Ten title track as well as liner notes written by Beatles biographer Hunter Davies, who also wrote the original screenplay....[net]
For any one who remembers seeing this film with its vibrant, garrish colour and innocent aproach to sex, this album will be a "trip" back. For those who were not around for the sixties (or who cannot remember), this will give you an idea of the fun before the storm....[net]

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the saucer people said...

Though I have been a huge fan of sixties and seventies UK films since..well growing up in the 70s and 80s here in England, I only recently discovered the joys of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (the DVD is great, it includes extras like a "groovy" public info film on the joys of the new town a la Stevenage where the film was shot and the colours are just mindblowing as you mention in the review...

Totally wonderful soundtrack as well...Spencer Davis Group on fire!

Interestingly what brought me to this blog was the 1970 film 'Goodbye Gemini' (I think in another comment I called it Gemini Twins like an idiot) which features the track 'Tell The World We're Not In' by the Peddlers as this blog has more Peddlers albums than the rest of the net put together...

.....the connection? the most exquisite Judy Geeson stars in both films (and she is brilliant in both by the way)...anyway, thanks for the soundtrack!

ps> there is a ISO of the DVD doing the rounds (either a load of Fileserve or RS files) if you have not already got it, just do a search in filestube or filetram, should find it no problem..