Jan 12, 2009

SPRIGUNS - TIME WILL PASS (DECCA 1977) Japan mastering cardboard sleeve

One of the most enigmatic groups of the British scene of the 70s a folksy outfit with a sound that often has a real late 60s approach, but which is also produced here with some nice compressed studio touches that we really love! The style is a bit hard to peg, but there's bits of Celtic music in the mix, alongside a more str/forward level of rhythm and instr/tation, far more so than the group's previous record for Decca. Vocalist Mandy Morton has a sound that's strong enough to carry the record on its own, but the support from the group is great -- and a few tracks even feature some nice use of strings to sweeten up the tunes.
It's a follow-up to "Revel Weird and Wild", and it is much more pop-oriented than their previous album. All but one song was composed by lead singer Mandy Morton, and fiddler Tom Ling, who was a full-time member on Revel Weird and Wild, was relegated to guest musician here; so the traditional or folk elements were noticeably reduced. Robert Kirby's lush orchestration adorns three selections in a manner similar to Sandy Denny's Like an Old Fashioned Waltz. Sandy Roberton, who produced Steeleye Span's early folk albums, opted for a more pop and rock sound, as the implementation of electric keyboards and rock guitar demonstrates....[net]


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cgm said...

Thnaks for this - Spriguns deserved much more success than they had.