Jan 15, 2009

HOT TUNA (RCA VICTOR 1970) Japan K2 mastering,cardboard sleeve + 5 bonus

Hot Tuna formed by bassist Jack Casady and guitarist Jorma Kaukonen as a spin-off of Jefferson Airplane. They play acoustic and electric versions of original and traditional blues songs.
They began by opening Jefferson Airplane concerts, giving Kaukonen and Casady an opportunity to explore their love of traditional blues music. As Jefferson Airplane slowly wound down in the early 1970s, Hot Tuna became an independent group.
Their early repertoire was derived mainly from American country blues artists such as Rev. Gary Davis, Jelly Roll Morton, Bo Carter and Arthur Blake (Blind Blake). Originally a duo, Casady and Kaukonen added Will Scarlett on harmonica and released a live album in 1970, Hot Tuna. This album was recorded in the fall of 1969 at the New Orleans House in Berkeley and is affectionately known by Tunaphiles as the "breaking glass album", because of the sound of breaking beer glasses during the recording of "Uncle Sam Blues". This LP was followed by a long series of well received albums that played mostly to a small but devoted cult following. Aside from the six year breakup after 1978, Hot Tuna have continued to perform to the present day, and still performs much of the aforementioned country blues repertoire with which they began...[wiki]


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