Dec 27, 2008


Third album & the Blues Project by this time were ready to disband. Al Kooper and Steve Katz would go onto form Blood Sweat and Tears, and Danny Kalb would do some jamming around before forming Seatrain. The egos and the different music influences did them in. As Kooper would go onto say the only thing they had in common was that they were all Jewish. Kooper was a veteran of music already starting in the business when he was 15, and scoring with "Short Shorts" in 1958, and then went onto be part of Bob Dylan's band of studio musicians. He was the Rock and Roller, Danny Kalb was strictly blues, Steve Katz was the folk musician, and the keyboard player was into classical music while the drummer was a jazz addict. Thier breed of music was strictly underground where some songs got recognition, but it would take "No Time Like The Right Time" to become thier lone hit song. They did gain some airplay with the FM side with "Wake Me Shake Me", "I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes", and the legendary "Flute Thing". This was an album to be freed from thier recording contract, but it's done up rather well. There's some very good sounds with an electric version of "Flute Thing", and also "Where There's Smoke There's Fire" with some showy organ playing by Kooper...

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