Dec 30, 2008

LE ORME - COLLAGE (PHILIPS 1971) Japan mastering cardboard sleeve [Italian Prog.]

Collage was the third album from Le Orme, and the first of theirs to be genuinely progressive. Having just reduced the band to a three piece, Le Orme have a more sparse, raw sound on this album than their later efforts. In general, however, this album set the scene for the next three albums with its combination of keyboard bombast, sublime melodies and the strong presence of dei Rossi's drums.
The title track opens the album with much pomp, and a little bit of Scarlatti thrown into the mix.
The rest of the album is of fairly good quality, with songs ranging from fairly typical early seventies rock to dark and atmospheric space-prog.
There is an overall "recorded live in the studio" feel of the album, which in some ways is enjoyable, but I find it detracts from the romantic-melodic atmosphere that Italian bands do so well.
This album is in most respects inferior to the three subsequent albums released by Le Orme. It could possibly lay claim to having greater consistency than Contrappunti, and the rawer, agressive jamming quality may appeal to some.
It is an album all Le Orme fans should get around to owning, but it is by no means essential for anybody else...[net]
1. Collage — 4:42
2. Era Inverno — 5:00
3. Cemento Armato — 8:08
4. Sguardo Verso il Cielo — 4:12
5. Evasione Totale — 6:56
6. Immagini — 2:58
7. Morte une Fiore — 3:00


Anonymous said...

hey G !
can you post stuff from the Downliners Sect ? ?
is that possible ? ?
thanks in advance!

Georgie Hirezola said...

hmm..guess I have their first LP...
I'll post it soon along with other British acts....

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Le Orme's first real progressive rock album and a good one. Great sound quality.