Dec 16, 2008

GROWING CONCERN (MAINSTREAM 1968) Japan cardboard sleeve remastered

This self-titled album by The Growing Concern curiously first saw the light of day in 1968 on Bob Shad's Mainstream label, an imprint more familiar to jazz and blues fans than devotees of psych/pop. Perhaps Shad thought he was going to repeat his commercial triumph (Big Brother & The Holding Co), with The Growing Concern. However, the band was a different proposition altogether with its emphasis on beautiful vocal harmonies and fantastic guitar and organ work rather than the Joplin-dominated R&B of Big Brother, and consequently Shad only allowed the group into the studio on a single occasion, dropping them from the label after this, their eponymous debut. The album, which is brilliantly recorded, is of a consistently high musical quality and the band surely deserved a better fate than the obscurity that Shad's indifference consigned them to.


Anonymous said...

Probably my favorite Mainstream LP! I am a sucker for this one!


Georgie Hirezola said...

me too!!!!!!!!!!!!