Dec 16, 2008

ELLIE POP (MAINSTREAM 1968) Japan cardboard sleeve remastered

Catchy psychedelic era pop songcraft from Ellie Pop -- one of the fruits from the vine of "Mainstream Records" psyche years! Ellie Pop starts with some upbeat, mod R&B-tinged rhythms -- then brings in sunny harmonies, fuzzy guitars, and swirling organs -- all produced with a simple, elegant sound that really makes the whole thing sparkle! The album's a groovy, tuneful obscurity that's worth a late discovery and titles include "Seven North Frederick", "Winner Loser", "Can't Be Love", "Remembering (Sunnybrook)", "Seems I've Changed", "Caught In The Rain",Oh! My Friend, "Some Time Ago", "No Thanks Mr Mann", and "Whatcha Gonna Do".Nice!!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic record. I have an original copy of Maintream album but with a lot of noises.
Thank you very much.

Georgie Hirezola said...

an original copy is always a "must have"....