Dec 26, 2008

TRISTE JANERO - MEET TRISTE JANERO (WHITE WHALE 1968) Japan mastering cardboard sleeve

Dallas was hardly the capital of Latin-tinged summer sixties' pop in 1969, so when a band in their early-twenties named Triste Janero (a name curiously derived from the Portuguese for 'Sad January') released their only album Meet Triste Janero, the world hardly shuddered to a halt. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 had authentic Latin origins, and had captured an appreciative Jazz audience. To Triste Janero's peril, a lack of promotion from original label White Whale ensured that only the band's hometown offered a welcoming reception, and soon after they disbanded. That's a crying shame, as Meet Triste Janero is a soft-pop Latin-drenched classic of shimmering, warm sounds.
The beautiful thing about Triste Janero is being able to listen to them tread the fine line between pop and jazz whilst simultaneously stamping their own trademark over each song. After the sultry instrumental taster A Beginning Dream opens the proceedings, album standout Rene De Marie casually seduces the listener with its stark chords and evocative vocals by lead temptress Barbara Baines, still only a young teenager at the time. The band's wonderful arrangement of the Bacharach-David classic Walk On By even predates the emerging fusion of electric guitars with contemporary jazz, a genre predominant of the early seventies and exemplified by Santana's Caravanserai.
The cover of Nilsson's Without Her switches genders from a male to a female perspective, and is the closest Triste Janero come to a Brasil '66 sound. Before you know it, they've also tread through territories pioneered by Jobim, Francis Lai and even The Lovin' Spoonful. The band's take on the latter's You Didn't Have To Be So Nice arguably usurps the original as standard version.
Jazzy instrumental finale T.J. Blues is a lengthy closer that allows the band some improvisational experimentation.
Meet Triste Janero is a lost classic of a debut album; it demonstrates startling maturity from a very young band and it expertly blends together differing genres of sunshine-guitar-pop to form an embracing, cherished sound...


Anonymous said...

This LP must be listen on the beach in the late night,so sweet and nice little gem...WAL

Anonymous said...

superb lp. Great vocals by Barbara Baines. Many Thanks Georgie and I am going to get the cd tomorrow pronto.

Ferrera said...

Didn't realize they came from TX. They are (were)more Brazilians that several pure Brazilian Bossa bands.