Dec 17, 2008

VENTURES - WALK DON'T RUN [first album] (LIBERTY/DOLTON 1961) Remastered reissue

Although The Ventures (who first called themselves The Versatones) consisted of just Bob Bogle and Don Wilson, right up to the time they recorded "Walk Don't Run", they needed a bass and drums to have a full combo. The lack of bass and drums during their first two years, caused them to develop a unique rhythm-heavy style, in which Don Wilson basically tried to be "an orchestra on six strings". It was this strong "in the pocket" interplay between lead and rhythm guitar which gave The Ventures their trademark sound, one which captivated huge audiences. When they added Nokie Edwards on bass, and Howie Johnson on drums, right after being signed by Dolton Records, they maintained this strong lead/rhythm interplay, so that even with Johnson's very much jazz/swing-influenced drum style, their sound carried an aggressive "drive" that was very influential on the sound of guitar-based combos that followed...

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It's great to hear all of these Ventures records once again. Thank you,