Dec 2, 2008

IRON BUTTERFLY - BALL (ATCO 1969) Japan cardboard sleeve remastered

Following the huge success of their second record, In A Gadda Da Vida, Iron Butterfly scored a second straight Top Five album with Ball. While it didn't have any acid rock freak-out to compare with the epic "In A Gadda Da Vida," Ball was a more ambitious album, as the group had to do with shorter, more melodic songs. Like any Iron Butterfly album, the quality of the material is wildly inconsistent, yet cut for cut, Ball is a more consistent album than their two previous records, as the group trimmed away some of the acid rock excesses of their earlier records while retaining their brutally loud trademark heavy guitars.
About this version: It's maybe the best version out there and a true collector's item...

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Matthew David said...

Fantastic blog......never even knew most of these Japanese pressings even existed! Don't suppose you'll be posting the Angels From Hell soundtrack (pictured on the left side of every page) anytime in the future?