Dec 6, 2008

HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS - DRUMS A GO-GO (ORIGINAL SOUND 1965) Japan cardboard sleeve remastered

By popular demand Original Sound Records presents this album. DRUMS A GO GO..
The EXCITING FRESH approach of DRUMS & RHYTHM in the foreground.
DRUMS A GO GO was recorded at Original Sound Studios in Hollywood on their exclusive high fidelity,
super stereo,ten track tape machine, which is the invention of the electronic wizard-leader of
The Hollywood Persuaders-Paul Buff,who also wrote many of the compositions contained in this album.
This album makes slow parties "come alive"-and- "live" parties go into orbit...HAVE FUN!
A young FRANK ZAPPA wrote and played on “Grunion Run” (the highlight of the bonus tracks), and he was the engineer/producer for a couple of other songs in this LP.


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

yeahhh.... you hit the point with this one ah ! !
great choice georgie!

the link is fixed for the lp "beat of the earth" 1967 -

thanks man

Georgie Hirezola said...

thnx Pablo...
but its very difficult to choose records that haven't been posted already in similar blogs..
we 'll see....

Anonymous said...


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

yes man

you are making the difference
by posting lps that arent in other blogs... but sometimes you need to post some classics that you really like (in my opinion)
you are what you eat !(great and rare as hell too!)

Keep it up!

Troy McClure said...

I can't believe my eyes someone posted this album! Congratulations, man.

For some experts (i.e. John Blair), this album does not exactly qualify a pure surf music, but it does have historical interest. Paul Buff was founder, owner and sound engineer of the PAL STUDIOS (in Cucamonga, 65km away from LA), where this album was recorded. According to my sources, this album was recorded by Paul Buff alone. That was precisely one of the differences from other studios: the possibility of recording the instruments separately (by either Buff, Zappa or Dave Aerni, The Tornados's manager) without help of studio musicians. Buff designed is own equipment to edit all material together. And this album is th proof!

Again thanks for this hard-to-find gem, man!

Cheers from Spain

Georgie Hirezola said...

huhh..hmm..interesting infos.
thanks Troy Mc Clure..
Greets from Athens

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

zappahead said...

This sounds great.....looking forward to some of zappas production ...thanks for sharing this...excellent.