Dec 16, 2008

THE STRANGELOVES - I WANT CANDY++++ (BANG 1965-67) 20 tracks most in STEREO

It began as a lark,a gimmick,a goof,but when the dust settled,The Strangeloves had carved themselves a unique place in rock history having recorded three of the 60's lasting pop anthems in "I want Candy","Night Time" and "Cara-Lin".
Whimsically looking to take advantage of America's newfound fascination with music from abroad-The British invasion was hitting its stride-Brill Scene pop songsters/producers Bob Feldman,Jerry Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer playfully conceived of an Australian trio,wild,wholly and otherwise outrageous,The Strangeloves.
When the trio had their early singles explode up the pop charts,the gag turned serious...The Strangeloves were for real!!!
This collection of the group Bang's recordings also includes hard-to find collectibles from their Swan & Sire label efforts...

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