Dec 20, 2008

ROBIN LENT - SCARECROW'S JOURNEY (NEPENTHA 1971) Japan cardboard sleeve remastered

"I was born in Cuba and raised in the US, Asia, and Europe. I started playing the guitar quite young, but was never a serious student. My parents watched me play a tennis racket along with the radio for a year and bought me an acoustic guitar. We were living in Japan then. I picked up the electric bass years later. In my early teens, I met an incredibly talented singer & guitarist, Anne Hughes, who inspired me to get serious about my playing and singing.
I've spent a few decades now in the world of music, playing in various bands in clubs in California, then in England's folk scene. My big break came when I landed a part in the musical HAIR. This was in the 70's and I played Woof in the Amsterdam production. It was a great gig. We recorded a double album of the musical and I sang lead and back up vocals. At this time, I landed my album deal for "Scarecrow's Journey" through Peace Productions in Holland. Following the release, I giged several years as a solo artist, in the UK and in Europe..." [net]

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Anonymous said...

Great singing and playing,unique psych-folk sounds with dark touch feel,excelent little GEM...WAL